How to play:

Use the mouse to move, LMB to capture safe tiles, RMB to trap blocks

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About HiveSweeper

Have fun with HiveSweeper one of the new strategy iO games and grow your hive as fast as possible! It means that you will defeat every opponent if you own the biggest territory. It is a multiplayer match. Therefore, you’d better learn about the rules and master how to interact with every item on the map quickly.

Play HiveSweeper unblocked you also face a great puzzle. Finding out a proper tactic or tips and tricks will help you reach the top spot easier. There are two types of tiles in HiveSweeper free online. It is simple to claim the safe blocks and dangerous to occupy the trap ones. If you are successful in capturing the target, you will rank up and reduce potential threats. It is not a team-based title like Terrorist Town. So, you must rely on abilities and experience carefully. It’s time to hop into the playfield and show your capability!

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